Alex M. Martino

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Mrs. Brashler

8th Grade Language Arts - Martino Jr. High

I am happy to be in my thirteenth year as a teacher here in the New Lenox district! I have been here at Martino Junior High School for a total of eleven years, and I feel so fortunate to be in such a wonderful place.

This year, I am teaching four 8th grade language arts classes. Please utilize this website for updates in my classes’ curriculum along with any attachments that can be used if you need additional resources.

I respond fastest to email (abrashler@nlsd122.org), but you can also call the school and leave me a voicemail at extension 6348. Thanks for stopping by!

Here is my Class Calendar/Syllabus for students and parents. There are also links on the calendar to assignments or notes that students may need. I encourage you to check in periodically. 

In our curriculum MyPerspectives, our classes will be starting with unit 1. Here is our Home Connection Letter. I encourage parents look over this to see what their students are reading and learning about, as well as for them to discuss some of these things at home.

Grading Policies

Classwork/Homework... 20%

Formative Assessments... 30%

Summative Assessments... 50%*

*Summative Assessments are tests and projects that are taken/completed at the end of a unit. These cannot be re-taken this year. Students are allowed to re-do/re-take formative assessments (at teacher's discretion) to help further their understanding and make sure that they will have a stronger grade on their overall summative assessment.