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Mrs. Proff

7th Grade
Accelerated Math and 8th Grade Math
Martino Jr. High


Please refer to your Google Classroom for daily assignments.



Mrs. Proff                                                            Math 8                                                     2021-2022


  • 3-Ring Binder or Spiral Notebook for Math only
  • Math Folder
  • Assignment Notebook
  • Loose leaf paper
  • #2 Pencils
  • Calculator
  • Headphones/Earbuds
  • Highlighters
  • Dry Erase Markers


Homework (20%):

·     Homework is expected to be completed on time.  enVision online homework assignments are due by 8:00am on the due date assigned.  All worksheets are due at the beginning of the class period. 

·     Work for all math problems must be shown in your spiral notebook or the provided Work Page to completely support each answer. The final answer should then be highlighted or circled. Math work is necessary for both online and worksheet assignments.  All work should always be completed in pencil in order to receive credit. 

·     At least an 70% or above is earned for any online enVision assignments.  If you earn lower than an 70%, you will need to redo this assignment by the due date in order to receive full credit.  

·     Homework assignments for the upcoming week and important dates will be communicated to the class and also posted on the classroom white board and in Google Classroom. 


Late or Absent Homework Assignments:

·     If an online assignment is submitted after the due date, you MUST complete a Late Slip if you want to earn credit. Your assignment is not officially turned in unless you complete this Late Slip.  Mrs. Proff will have no way of knowing that you have submitted an assignment after the due date, unless you tell her by handing in a Late Slip.

·     Assignments turned in after 3 days or the third late assignment are subject to late penalty of 20%.

·     If you are absent, it is your responsibility to access enVision online and review the slides for that Unit/Topic we covered in class.  You will also need to check the front bulletin board to see if there is an Absent Packet with your name containing any additional notes or worksheets that were handed out in your absence.  For any assignments completed after the class due date, you will need to complete a Late Slip in order to receive full credit.

·     All assignments must be completed by the Test Date, in order to receive credit.  Credit will not be given for any homework assignment that is handed in after the test date. 

·     On the day of the test, all homework assignments leading up to that test will be removed from enVision.  After the test is given, if you would like to review or complete any missing assignments from enVision that led up to that test, it can provided by REQUEST ONLY.  Credit will not be given for any homework assignments handed in after the test date, however, you will still need to complete the assignment as a requirement for retaking a test.  


Difficulties Completing the Homework:

·     If you are having any difficulties with the online enVision assignments, make sure to access ALL the enVision “Help” features first.  Utilize the “Question Help” on enVision by clicking “View an Example” and “Help Me Solve This”. 

·     If you are still having problems completing the homework assignment or unable to complete the assignment by the due date, you will need to send Mrs. Proff an email at aproff@nlsd122.org.  This email is to inform Mrs. Proff, prior to the due date, that you are having problems on the homework.  Do not expect a response back via email. 

·     In the email, let Mrs. Proff know the following information:

o  Your name and the name of the homework assignment.

o  The problem or specific math problems you are having difficulties completing/solving.  (If possible, send a screen shot of the math problem or issue.)

o  List what steps you have already taken in trying to complete the assignment. Examples are: looking in your class notes, using the online enVision “Help” features, visiting math websites, asking another student or family member, etc.


Tests (50%):

·     There should not be any surprise questions on any of the tests, if you are completing your homework and all in-class work.  All problems are similar to those practiced in class and from the homework. 

·     HOW TO STUDY: Studying for tests is an ongoing process and begins the moment a unit/topic is started (NOT THE DAY BEFORE THE TEST).  The best practices for being successful on tests are completing all the homework assignments on time, showing all work, understanding what you did correct with each problem, understanding what you did wrong with any incorrect problems, redoing problems that are not correct, and asking questions when confused.  

·     Students may retake any test, within one week after receiving their grade on the test, as long as all the requirements listed on the Test Retake Ticket has been met.

·     Prior to each test, a practice test will be provided with a full in-class block to work on this assignment, ask questions and receive small group/individual support.  Any student that does not complete the practice test prior to the original test will NOT be able to retake the test.  This practice test is very similar to the actual test (the same type of questions are being asked with only the numerical value changed). 

·     Students will need to schedule a time to retake tests with Mrs. Proff.

·    Test dates will be communicated to the class at least one week prior to the actual date and also posted in the classroom on the white board and in Google Classroom.


Quizzes and Other Graded Assignments (30%):

·       This category includes all other graded in-class assignments and quizzes.  Material will only be graded over content that has already been covered and practiced in class. 

·       Please note that graded in-class assignments and quizzes may NOT be redone/retaken. 

·       Quiz dates will be communicated to the class several days prior to the actual date and also posted in the classroom on the white board and on my website.


Extra Opportunities and Help:

  • See Mrs. Proff during Study Hall
  • Attend Homework Club (Tues./Wed. after school until 3:30)
  • Revisit homework assignments to fully understand what you did correct with each problem, as well as understanding what you did wrong with any incorrect problems
  • Make corrections on your practice test
  • Retake tests


·       Visit PowerSchool weekly to view your grade, look for missing assignments, and any unique/individual comments.

·       Individual Comments: Teachers are able to include individualized comments for parents to view in PowerSchool. The comments are linked to a student’s assignment grade.  Please look for these comments.  

·       Install the PowerSchool app on your smart device (ie. Smartphone)


**Students are responsible for filling in the assigned homework

in their Assignment Notebook each day.

 Homework is always written on the board before the end of class.*



Contact Information:

·       Voicemail: 485-7593 Ext. 6362

·       Email: aproff@nlsd122.org




Digits Topics

8th Grade Math: EnVision

*Topic 1- Real Numbers*

Lesson 1-1 Rational Numbers as Decimals  

Lesson 1-2: Understand Irrational Numbers

Lesson 1-3: Compare & Order Real Numbers

Lesson 1-4: Evaluate Square Roots & Cube Roots

Lesson 1-5: Solve Equations Using Square Roots & Cube Roots

Mid-Topic 1 Review
Mid-Topic 1 Assessment

Lesson 1-6: Use Properties of Integer Exponents

Lesson 1-7: More Properties of Integer Exponents

Lesson 1-8: Use Powers of 10 to Estimate Quantities

Lesson 1-9: Understand Scientific Notation

Lesson 1-10: Operations with Numbers in Scientific Notation

Topic 1 Review
Topic 1 Assessment


*Topic 2: Analyze & Solve Linear Equations*

Lesson 2-1: Combine Like Terms to Solve Equations

Lesson 2-2: Solve Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Lesson 2-3: Solve Multi-step Equations

Lesson 2-4: Equations with No Solutions or Infinitely Many Solutions

Mid-Topic 2 Review
Mid-Topic 2 Assessment

Lesson 2-5: Compare Proportional Relationships

Lesson 2-6: Connect Proportional Relationships & Slope

Lesson 2-7: Analyze Linear Equations y = mx

Lesson 2-8: Understand the y-intercept of a Line

Lesson 2-9: Analyze Linear Equations y = mx + b

Topic 2 Review
Topic 2 Assessment


*Topic 3: Use Functions to Model Relationships*

Lesson 3-1: Understand Relations & Functions

Lesson 3-2: Connect Representations of Functions

Lesson 3-3: Compare Linear & Nonlinear Functions

Mid-Topic 3 Review
Mid-Topic 3 Assessment

Lesson 3-4: Construct Functions to Model Linear Relationships

Lesson 3-5: Intervals of Increase and Decrease

Lesson 3-6: Sketch Functions from Verbal Descriptions

Topic 3 Review
Topic 3 Assessment



*Topic 4: Investigate Bivariate Data*

Lesson 4-1: Construct & Interpret Scatter Plots

Lesson 4-2: Analyze Linear Associations

Lesson 4-3: Use Linear Models to Make Predictions

Mid-Topic 4 Review
Mid-Topic 4 Assessment

Lesson 4-4: Interpret Two-Way Frequency Tables

Lesson 4-5: Interpret Two-Way Relative Frequency Tables

Topic 4 Review
Topic 4 Assessment



*Topic 5: Analyze & Solve Systems of Linear Equations*

Lesson 5-1: Estimate Solutions by Inspection

Lesson 5-2: Solve Systems by Graphing

Mid-Topic 5 Review
Mid-Topic 5 Assessment

Lesson 5-3: Solve Systems by Substitution

Lesson 5-4: Solve Systems by Elimination

Topic 5 Review
Topic 5 Assessment


*Topic 6: Congruence & Similarity*

Lesson 6-1: Analyze Translations

Lesson 6-2: Analyze Reflections

Lesson 6-3: Analyze Rotations

Lesson 6-4: Compose Transformations

Lesson 6-5: Understand Congruent Figures

Mid-Topic 6 Review
Mid-Topic 6 Assessment

Lesson 6-6: Describe Dilations

Lesson 6-7: Understand Similar Figures

Lesson 6-8: Angles, Lines and Transversals

Lesson 6-9: Interior & Exterior Angles of Triangles

Lesson 6-10: Angle-Angle Triangle Similarity

Topic 6 Review
Topic 6 Assessment



*Topic 7: Understand & Apply the Pythagorean Theorem*

Lesson 7-1: Understand the Pythagorean Theorem

Lesson 7-2: Understand the Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem

Mid-Topic 7 Review
Mid-Topic 7 Assessment

Lesson 7-3: Apply the Pythagorean Theorem to Solve Problems

Lesson 7-4: Find the Distance in the Coordinate Plane

Topic 7 Review
Topic 7 Assessment



*Topic 8: Solve Problems Involve Surface Area & Volume*

Lesson 8-1: Find Surface Area of 3-D Figures

Lesson 8-2: Find Volume of Cylinders

Mid-Topic 8 Review
Mid-Topic 8 Assessment

Lesson 8-3: Find Volumes of Cones

Lesson 8-4: Find Volumes of Spheres

Topic 8 Review
Topic 8 Assessment