Alex M. Martino

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Mrs. Styx

7th and 8th Grade
Life Skills and Reading Seminar
Liberty and Martino Jr. Highs



Teacher: Mrs. Styx   

Email: astyx@nlsd122.org




Study Skills 

  1. Achieving goals - setting, tracking, evaluating

  2. Being an involved/active student in class - taking notes, study strategies, communication in class, learning about how we learn, knowing our strengths strengths/ weaknesses

  3. Organizational skills - Executive Functioning- time management, organization, timeliness

  4. Studying/homework skills/how to effectively ask for and accept help from teachers

Career exploration education    

  1. Many paths to successful careers (trades, specialty training, college) and overcoming the stigma of some paths being more prestigious than others. 

  2. Exploring your interests and finding your passions

  3. Putting a plan in place to reach your career goals 

  4. Salaries, job search, skills needed, applications/interviews

  5. Work ethic and good work habits

Consumer education       

  1. Personal finance - money management, bank accounts, checks, ATM, spending habits/ budgets, taxes, interest, saving, cash vs. credit

  2. Being an informed buyer (being aware of common marketing strategies and avoiding being manipulated by them, responsible spending)   




In this class, you will be graded according to expectations given to you at the start of each project and through your performance on assessments (journals, google docs, worksheets, projects, etc.)


Absent/Missing/Late Work Policy

- If you are absent the day an assessment is given or a project is due, you will be expected to do it or submit it the day you return to class.

  • If you are absent the day an assessment or project is announced, please see me.

  • I will accept and grade any missing and late work and you will receive credit as long as the current trimester grading period is still open- don’t leave missing work missing!

*** You are responsible for your own work. When you miss class, YOU should reach out to ME to find out what you missed while you were away.


Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. If a student is found to be dishonest with any assignment, i.e. copying from another student’s work, cheating of any kind, or claiming someone else’s work as their own, (this is plagiarism... there is a difference between helping someone and doing it for them) they will be dealt with according to school policy.


Discipline Policy and Classroom Behavior

I care about your success in my classroom too much to let you prohibit yourself or others from learning. Any disruptive and inappropriate behavior will be dealt with according to school policy. 

We will be doing a number of activities that require the cooperation of the whole class. My hope is that this classroom will be a “safe place” for students to be themselves without judgement, as well as a place where students allow their peers to be themselves without judgement. We are all a little unsure of ourselves sometimes…. all of us…even Beyonce. Let’s support each other as we travel on our own paths in life, and PLEASE always respect and treat others as you want to be respected and treated.


Supplies - bring to every class

  • notebook paper or a notebook

  • pen or pencil

  • school iPad

If you have questions or problems with class work, (or ANY other concerns related to the classroom) please communicate your needs and see me for additional help.


We are going to have a great trimester together!


****For Parents/Guardians - If you have any thoughts or questions at any time, please communicate with me at email: astyx@nlsd122.org or call me using the school’s voicemail system. 


Thank you so much for your cooperation, I look forward to having you in my class!     

 - Mrs. Styx