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Mrs. Moss

Nurse - Martino Jr. High

About Me

Eileen Moss, DNP, RN, NCSN, PEL-CSN

Dr. Moss is the building nurse at Cherry Hill and is also the Lead Nurse for the school district. Employed in New Lenox School District since 2002, Eileen specializes in the care of students with complex medical needs. She participates in the evaluation of children with the early childhood diagnostic team at Cherry Hill. 

Contact information: 

Phone 815-462-7804

Fax 815-722-8536

Email: emoss@nlsd122.org

Quick Facts


Joliet Junior College - ADN and Registered Nurse license.

Purdue University - Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

University of Illinois at Chicago - Doctor of Nursing Practice 

University of Illinois at Chicago - Professional Educator's License as a Certified School Nurse


Years in Nursing:

I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years. Thankfully, I have had a variety of experience that I have been able to apply to school nursing. I have worked in the hospital, office, home care, and urgent care settings. Most of my experience is in pediatrics. 

I have been working in New Lenox School District since 2002. 



Professional Affiliations:

  • Illinois Association of School Nurses
  • National Association of School Nurses
  • American Nurses Association

Specialized Training:

National and Illinois School Nurse Certification
Hearing and Vision Screening Certification
School Nurse Emergency Care Course
Management of Diabetes in School