Alex M. Martino

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Mrs. Kashirsky

7th and 8th Grade Math - Martino Jr. High

Please go to Google Classroom to find the calendar for your class!
Materials Needed for Class

Materials students will need each day
Spiral Notebook or 3-ring Binder
(all worksheets will be hole punched just in case)
Math Folder
Assignment Notebook
Dry Erase Marker
Envision Workbook
Strategies For Success & Useful Links


~Come to class prepared. This includes:

  • Homework completion.
  • Having questions ready from the homework.
  • Materials (calculator, pencil, notebook, folder, assignment notebook)

~ Fill out assignment notebook daily. (Assignments are on the back board)

~ Participate in class and ask good questions.

~ Check grades on PowerSchool.

~ Check Mrs. Kash’s webpage.

~ Be responsible for any absent work.

Homework (20% of grade)

~ Utilize “Question Help” on Envision. This includes:

  • View an Example
  • Help Me Solve This

~ Do a “Similar Question” if it is a question that was difficult.

~ Show work so it can be referred back to later.

~ Circle problems on work page to go over in class.

~ Retry homework assignments that are less than 80%.

Skills Checks (30% of grade)

~ Review homework and lessons that will be on the skills check the night before. (Usually every 2 lessons)

~ Make sure homework assignments that are on the skills check are completed BEFORE the day of the skills check.

~ Take advantage of resources during skills checks (student companion, homework, notes)

Tests (50% of grade)

~ Make sure all homework assignments from the topic are completed.

~ Retry homework assignments that were difficult.

~ Review the questions missed on the review assignment in order to correct the mistakes for the test.

~ See Mrs. Kash PRIOR to the day of the test if you need additional help with a lesson. Do not wait till the last minute.

~ If you cannot come in early for additional help, go to Math Lab during advisory to address any questions. 


Here are some good interactive math websites.  They will give you some good practice with basic math facts.

www.sheppardsoftware.com (go to Math Games – Quick Calculations)

www.playkidsgames.com (go to Math Games – Math Fact Practice)

www.mathplayground.com ( go to Computation or Just The Facts)

www.ixl.com/math/grade-7 (IXL Math)

Classroom Policies

Late Work:

  • Students are allowed 2 days to complete and assignment after the due date.
  • If work is completed late online, students MUST complete a late slip in order to receive credit on powerschool (see important documents).

Absent Work:

  • MOST absent work can be found online on Digits. Students are responsible for their own absent work and should still check the class folders located in the front of the room to see if there were any paper handouts that they missed.


Homework (20% of grade): 

  • Digits homework is taken for an accuracy grade. Be sure to utilize tools such as "View an Example", "Help Me Solve This", and "Similar Question" in order to earn the best grade possible!

 In-Class (30% of grade):

  • Skills checks are given after every 2-3 lessons completed in class. Skills checks are on paper and are open note, open book, open [paper] homework. Students will not be able to access Digits during a skills check, they cannot be retaken. 

Tests (50% of grade):

  • Notes are not allowed on tests. Tests are on Digits. Be sure to have all homework assignments completed for the chapter prior to taking the test!

Retake Policy:

  • Only tests can be retaken. Both forms under "important documents" on the site hub must be completed prior to retaking a test. All assignments for the chapter must be completed as well, and students have one week to complete a retake.
  • To schedule a retake, students must meet with me first to agree upon a day and time.