Alex M. Martino

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Mrs. Kashirsky

7th and 8th Grade Math - Martino Jr. High

~You have 2 days to hand in any late homework  Please fill out a late/redo/absent form letting me know that you submitted your late work on Digits.
~You can redo any homework assignment and will receive the higher of the two grades.  Please fill out a late/redo/absent form so I can put the new grade in.
~You will have 1 week to retake a test from the day you take it.  Please remember all of the steps that you need to take in order to retake.  
    1.  Do a reflection sheet and correct every problem that you got wrong.
    2.  Make sure to have all of your homework assignments in for that Topic. 
    3.  Fill out a retake sheet and get it signed at home.
    4.  Come in to review with me.  
    5.  Pick a day to retake.  It has to be a morning or afternoon so you have enough time. 

***Prior to each test, 2 practice tests will be provided with a full in-class block to work on this assignment, ask questions and receive small group/individual support.  Any student that does not complete the practice tests (both) prior to the original test will NOT be able to retake the test.  This practice test is very similar to the actual test (the same type of questions are being asked with only the numerical value changed)***

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