Alex M. Martino

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Mrs. Smith

7th Grade Math - Martino Jr. High

Welcome to Mrs. Smith's 7th Grade Math!

Links & Resources

PowerSchool (Parents & Students)

IAR Practice 

Extra Math Practice Sites:

www.sheppardsoftware.com (go to Math Games – Quick Calculations)

www.playkidsgames.com (go to Math Games – Math Fact Practice)

www.mathplayground.com ( go to Computation or Just The Facts)

www.ixl.com/math/grade-7 (IXL Math)


Alien Angles

Rocket Angles

Materials for Needed for Class

Daily Supplies:

  • Assignment Notebook
  • Folder 
  • Spiral Notebook or 3-ring Binder
  • #2 pencils for all assignments (no pen!)
  • Expo/Dry Erase Markers
  • Calculator
  • Envision Math Book 
Class Policies

Late Work:

  • 20% is deducted from assignments after 3 days. Anything not turned in by the end of a topic is 50%.
  • If work is completed late online, students MUST email me to notify me what assignment they have completed so the grade can be updated in powerschool.

Absent Work:

  • MOST assignments will be found online on Envision.
  • Students are responsible for their own absent work and should check Google Classroom and Powerschool.


Homework (20% of grade): 

  • Envision homework is taken for an accuracy grade. Be sure to utilize tools such as "View an Example", "Help Me Solve This", and "Similar Question" in order to earn the best grade possible!

 In-Class/Quizzes (30% of grade):

  • Quizzes will be given two times per topic. They are open note and open book. 
  • Quizzes cannot be retaken.

Tests (50% of grade):

  • Notes are not allowed on tests. Be sure to have all homework assignments completed for the topic prior to taking the test!

Retake Policy:

  • Only tests can be retaken. Retake forms can be found on Google Classroom.
  • To schedule a retake, students must meet with me first to agree upon a day and time.
  • All assignments must be completed from the topic in order to retake a test.