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Graef Science User Manual


The Unit is Matter (Chemistry)

Online textbook link to pdf file: http://www.sawyerscience.com/Online_Textbooks.html
Working on the Periodic Table Worksheet click above!
 Chapter One Chp Two    Chp. Three
Atoms   States of Matter Intro.  Leaves Webquest 
Atomic Theory Webquest   Energy and the 4 states of matter   Physical Properties
Build an Atom/Ion  Plasmas   Chemical Properties
Atomic models: 
Dalton's Model 
Principles of Matter  Mixtures 
Conservation of Mass  Archimedes on TedED Compounds 
Periodic Table  Bill Nye on Buoyancy   Physical Changes
Periodic Table Webquest   p 60-61 Pascal's Principle @ the bottom of the this page  Chemical Changes
Common Elements  Pascal's Principle on YouTube  Chemical Reactions 
How to draw an atom!   Boyle's and Charles Law Activity on YouTube  Antoine Lavoisier and Law of Conservation of mass
Atomic Structure activity website  Phases of Matter  How to Balance Equations 
Bonding  Online Density Lab 
Elements in the Civil War       
Build an Atom Simulator Below Click on the picture to Run  It will download.  You will need to open it in downloads.
Build an Atom


 Part One  Part Two  Part Three Part Four 
Bill Nye on the Moon Video  Black Hole Simulator   
Moon Phases    Map the Solar System    Geological Time Scale 
1. Moon Phase Simulator http://video.pbs.org/video/1790621534/
Origins of the  Solar system 
2. Moon Phase Simulator        
3. Moon Phase Simulator        
 Moon Phase Calendar      
  Seasons 2        
 Moon Information        
Apogee & Perigee         

Ecology is the study of organisms and the environment: the study of the relationships between living organisms and their interactions with their natural or developed environment.
Energy Source Articles  
If you are here looking for energy source articles check below in the file cabinet.  
I have included two seperate articles for each source.
Solar is found here:
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