Alex M. Martino

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Mrs. Werve

8th Grade Instructional - Martino Jr. High


Sumdog- a fun interactive game to practice math skills.  Available on both a computer or an iPad.  Students must use the login information given to them.  Their login information is on a paper on the back of their assignment notebook.

Xtramath- basic math fact practive available on a computer or iPad. This is not a program we use in class, but it is free to everyone when you sign up and I highly recommend it for students to use at home if they are not fluent in their math facts.

Digits- The current math curriculum is online and available for you to see.  Students can go back and watch all lessons as a way of review.  Many homework assignments are also given and completed through this program.  Digits has built in help for any problems that students are struggling with. Students access digits through the app on their iPad or the Student Technology Portal.  See the video for help on accessing Digits.

How-to Math Videos

Not sure how kids "now-a-days" learn math?  Use the videos below to view how they learned the skills in class. 

How to access Digits video lessons

7th Grade Digits and Lessons

10-1 and 10-3 Digits Adding fractions

10-2 and 10-4 Digits Subtracting fractions

11-2 Digits Multiplying fractions 

11-5 Digits Dividing fractions

12-1 Digits Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

12-1 Digits Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

21-3 Digits Adding Integers

21-4 Digits Subtracting Integers

21-5 and 21-6 Digits Multiplying and Dividing Integers

23-3 Digits Patterns and Expressions- "Got it" help

25-3 Digits Adding and Subtracting Equations

25-4 Digits Multiplying and Dividing Equations


8th Grade Digits and Lessons

17-1 Digits Finding percent of a number

17-2 Digits Finding a percent

17-3 Digits Finding the whole given a percent

17-4 Digits Sales tax, tip, and simple interest

17-5 Digits Markdowns

3-3 Digits Simple Interest

3-5 Digits Percent of Change