Arnold J. Tyler

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Mrs. Senders

1st Grade - Tyler

First Grade Curriculum


Reading/Spelling/Language Arts 

Our school uses ReadyGen for our language arts curriculum. Students will learn concepts in reading fluency and comprehension, spelling, phonics, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. Throughout the year, I assess each student’s individual reading level. This level is used to create Guided Reading groups in which I meet with students in a small group in order to read material that is appropriate for them.


Our school uses Everyday Math for our math curriculum. Our daily Homelinks correspond to the lesson students learn each day. First grade students learn addition and subtraction strategies, fact families, measurement, place value, time, money, and geometry.

Social Studies 

Our social studies program publisher is Pearson. The My World social studies program addresses the Common Core standards for English Language Arts.  Some topics we cover are Community and Country, Traditions and Culture, Rules and Law, and the Working World. 


We are addressing the NGSS (New Generation Science Standards).  Some Topics we cover are Living and Nonliving Things, Engineering, Energy, and the Universe.


Students will work on using complete sentences in writing, forming paragraphs, and using correct capitalization and punctuation. As the year progresses, we will work on paragraph development and learn the difference between narrative, expository, and informative writing.