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What is Second Step?

The elementary years (Kindergarten through Grade 5) bring exciting new challenges and opportunities. It’s the prime time to nurture social and emotional awareness and skills for learning. The research-based Second Step program includes everything needed to make it easy for teachers to integrate social-emotional learning into their classrooms, which decreases problem behaviors and increases whole-school success by promoting self-regulation, safety, and support. 

Lesson Topics


Skills For Learning 

  • Learning to Listen
  • Focusing Attention
  • Following Directions
  • Self-Talk for Staying on Task
  • Being Assertive
  • Feelings
  • More Feelings
  • Identifying Anger
  • Same or Different?
  • Accidents
  • Caring and Helping
Emotion Management
  • We Feel Feelings in Our Bodies 
  • Managing Frustration
  • Calming Down Strong Feelings
  • Handling Waiting
  • Managing Anger
  • Managing Disappointment
  • Handling Being Knocked Down
Problem Solving
  • Solving Problems 
  • Inviting to Play
  • Fair Ways to Play
  • Having Fun with Our Friends
  • Handling Having Things Taken Away
  • Handling Name-Calling
  • Reviewing Second Step Skills

Why is it important to teach social-emotional learning?

Most schools have been teaching social-emotional learning (SEL) for years. But now the term is working its way into the public consciousness—and even business leaders are acknowledging the importance of SEL in the workplace. However, there are some broad (and, in some cases, erroneous) definitions out there. To learn more about SEL, what it looks like in the classroom, and how it’s relevant to business, read on.


What Is SEL? 

  • Recognizing emotions in oneself and others
  • Managing strong emotions
  • Having empathy for others
  • Controlling impulses
  • Communicating clearly and assertively
  • Maintaining cooperative relationships
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Solving problems effectively


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