Caroline Bentley

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Ms. Jones

6th Grade
Math, Science, and Social Studies

Envision Math

Our 6th Grade math curriculum will be accessed online!  Students will complete their homework, assessments, and acitvities, as well as receive feedback on their completed assignments through Envision Math.


  1. Log into the New Lenox School District website    www.nlsd122.org

  2. Select the “Parents and Students” dropdown menu.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Student Technology Portal" and sign in using the single sign-on system.


Password = nlsd+5-digit code (nlsd##### - all lower case)

4.  To access the math site, select  "Savaas" from the Technology Portal.

5.  To access Math homework, select the red “Classes” and choose the appropriate class.

Homework assignments that have not yet been started will be displayed on the “Not Started” homework tab.  Homework assignments that have already been started but not yet submitted will be displayed on the “In Progress” tab.  Assignments that have been submitted will be found in the “Completed” tab.

6. To access Math content and lessons, select the green “Browse” and choose the appropriate class content.

Topic 1:  Use Positive Rational Numbers

Click the lessons below for important vocabulary for each lesson!

Topic 2: Integers and Rational Numbers

Lesson 1: 


Lesson 2:


Lesson 3: 


Lesson 4: 


Lesson 5: 


Lesson 6: 


Websites to Visit

IXL We use this website in the classroom, it is a great website for practicing math facts and skills we are working on in class.  Students may work on specific skills and it is well organized into categories. Each student has his or her own unique username and password on a notecard inside the cover of their Assignment Notebook. Remember to login to your account before practicing!