Caroline Bentley

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Ms. Ruhl

6th Grade ELA - Bentley

Students will receive homework regularly in ELA this year.

Every student will participate in the 40 Book Challenge and should read independently for at least 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week, in addition to reading time given at school.

Students should complete and review study guides and other study materials for tests, which will be posted in the newsletter, Google Classroom, and in the students' assignment notebooks.



Students will complete at least 3 units in the MyPerspectives ELA curriculum this year. Materials can be accessed through the Student Portal. The approximate timeline is:

Trimester 1 - Unit 2 Animal Allies

Trimester 2 - Unit 3 Modern Technology

Trimester 3 - Unit 1 Childhood

We will begin work on Unit 4 (Imagination) or Unit 5 (Exploration) if time permits.


Wordly Wise

Each unit of Wordly Wise takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. Please visit the Wordly Wise website for additional resources (Book 6). The Wordly Wise Quizlet is a great resource for studying.