Caroline Bentley

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Mrs. Wolf

5th Grade
Math, Science, and Social Studies

You ALWAYS have math homework!!! Practice, practice, practice your math facts until you can say them as quickly as you can say the alphabet. I am not just referring to multiplication -- I mean addition, subtraction, and division too. This will really help prepare you for junior high math! In addition, I assign Home Links pages frequently. These will always be due the next time the class meets. The 'practice' problems on the bottom of the page are NOT optional -- please do them!

        Helpful links:

              IXL Skills practice:


              Everyday Math support and practice:


        For IXL and Everyday Math, the username is: '122firstlast' where the first and last name are entered                      without spaces and the password is 'nlsdxxxxx' where xxxxx is your student's five digit student number.

              Reflex Math (fact practice):

                    www.reflexmath.com (then hit 'Launch')

       For Reflex Math, the username is: 'mrswolf'sclassroom' and the password is 'nlsd122xxxxx' where xxxxx is           your student's five digit student number.