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Mrs. Madler

Early Childhood - Cherry Hill

Welcome to the

Full-day Early Childhood

Multi-Needs Classroom

Orientation and Welcome video:

If you wish your child to not wear a mask in school, due to medical reasons, you must fill out the mask exemption form and turn it into the office. If your child had a medical mask exemption last school year, they will need a new exemption form on file.  The forms can be found on our district website at the following link.
Classroom Staff:

Mrs. Amanda (Amanda Madler) = Classroom teacher

Ms. Dee Dee (Dorothy Krynski-Fabbi) = Speech & Language Pathologist

Mrs. Linda (Linda Stephen) = Classroom assistant

Mrs. Cindy (Cindy Spreadburry) = Classroom assistant

Ms. Leslie (Leslie DeGrazia) = Classroom assistant

Mrs. Laurie (Laurie Brennan) = Classroom assistant

Nurse Amanda (Amanda Peruski) = classroom Nurse

Mrs. Kristin (Kristin Tortorello) = Social Worker

Mrs. Colleen (Colleen Patton) = Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Tracy (Tracy Riley) = Physical Therapist

Ms. Celina (Celina Lantero) = Vision and Mobility Teacher

Mrs. Amanda (Amanda Young) = School nurse

Ms. Emily Schissler = Principal

Mr. L (Bruce Lundborg) = PE teacher

Mrs. Sheena (Sheena Ozbolt) = Librarian

Mrs. Sam (Samantha Shultz Archie) = Art/Music teacher


"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."

-Fred Rogers heart 


Art and Music with Ms. Sam


Art/Music class is every Monday and Wednesday at:


Click Here to go to Ms. Sam's webpage

Gym with Mr. L


Gym class is every Thursday and Friday at:


Library class with Mrs. Ozbolt


We have library every Tuesday at:




Classroom Schedule




Arrival: Students follow a simple morning routine.

Bathroom: Address individual bathroom needs.

Table: Students go to the table to have a morning snack (if needed) or to do independent work.


Circle: Attendance, jobs, music, and short activity.


outside play and walk

9:50 Transition circle- song, feelings check-in, drink, schedules
10:00 Centers- Rotation between three 20 minute centers in small groups of 2-3 students.  One work or therapy center and 2 play centers.  
11:00 Group Break choice- sensory break or game as a class


Specials -

Monday: Art/Music

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Art/Music

Thursday:  Gym 

Friday: Gym




Individual work time: students work on individual schedules. Finish eating, Teachtown or learning iPad activity, independent work task, independent break choice, and bathroom.


Transition circle: quiet songs and schedule check

1:00 Outside play or motor break 
1:30 Free play at centers of their choice 


Music and Movement time

2:15 Departure to buses or cars