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Dribbling Trapping Passing Kicking
Control Show Foot Eye on Ball 2 Steps Back
Small Taps "Catch" with Foot Use Inside of Foot Plant Foot
Eyes on Ball (until comfortable) Bring Toward Body Swing Leg Back Strike with Laces
    Follow Through  


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Official Speed Stack Website

All general information in regard to cup stacking

Benefits of Cup Stacking

Wondering what the deal is with cup stacking? Check out the benefits that come with learning

3-3-3 Method

In cup stacking there are predetermined methods that stackers race with. This method is the easiest competitive stack.  It consists of 9 cups total and Emily can show you how it works when you click on the link.

3-6-3 Method

This method is the next step up from the 3-3-3 method and involves different fine motor skills/muscles in your fingers/hands, this is the most challenging method we've learned at Haines.  This method uses 12 cups total.

The Cycle Method part 1          The Cycle Method part 2

The cycle is the premier competitive stack in cup stacking.  Haines did not practice the cycle, but we did talk about it.  This would be the next method to learn after the 3-6-3 method.  This also consists of 12 cups.

Cycle World Record held by USA



Dribbling Bounce Pass Shooting (Free Throw)
Finger Pads 2 Hands Fingers spread across black line on ball
Push To Ground (Don't Smack) Start @ Chest and Step Tuck shooting elbow in
Don't use palm Extend Arms (Bounce 1/2 way to 3/4 the way between YOU and TEAMMATE) Bend Knees, Spring Up
Try to keep below waist Thumbs point down as you finish Snap wrist


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