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Mrs. Gheorghiu

Speech Language Pathologist - Haines

Fluency/Stuttering Website Resources

Below are a list of websites that are good for parents of children who stutter (click link below):  



ID card for travel or to give to others that state student is a stutterer and what that means:  http://content.yudu.com/Library/A3zmif/StutteringFoundation/resources/index.htm?referrerUrl=http%3A%2F%2Ffree.yudu.com%2Fitem%2Fdetails%2F3742288%2FStuttering-Foundation-s-2016-Summer-Newsletter

7 Guidelines for your stuttering student (click link below): 

http://www.stutteringhelp.org/7-tips-talking-your-child-0Top three things to do if your child is having a stuttering moment:

Additional helps:

1.  Don't talk for them/finish their sentences.

2.  Maintain eye contact/focus on them.

3.  If you know the word that they are stuttering on you can say the word with them in an easy/elongated way to help them through that disfluent moment.