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Miss Jandacek

3rd Grade - Haines

Third Grade Curriculum

READING  We will be using the Savvas Learning ReadyGEN series, which focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening in response to authentic literary and informational texts.  Your child will also read a variety of grade level novels and nonfiction texts throughout the year, and are encouraged to read at his/her independent reading level for at least twenty minutes each day.  The Daily 5 system will be used to help your child develop habits of reading, writing, word work, and working with peers. 

WRITING  ReadyGEN uses a gradual release of responsibility model to teach about the writing modes and processes.  (“I do,” “we do,” “you do”) We will cover elements of effective writing, and students will incorporate these traits into narrative, opinion, and informative writing pieces.

LANGUAGE ARTS/GRAMMAR  Throughout the year, students will practice using correct sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, contractions, and more.

SPELLING  Our spelling words align with the phonics component of the ReadyGEN series, and focuses on a particular spelling pattern each week.  Students will work on various spelling and phonics activities throughout the week, and will be tested on the words on Friday. (If the test is not on Friday, it will be noted in our weekly newsletter.)  A spelling list for the following week will be included in your child’s Friday Folder, and these words should be reviewed nightly.

MATH  We will be using the University of Chicago Everyday Math 4 series, which aligns with Common Core standards.  This series emphasizes problem-solving strategies, as well as integrating math into aspects of everyday life.  In addition, third grade math requires the students to learn their math facts, including multiplication and division.

SCIENCE  The students will explore four main units throughout the year: Environments & Living Things, Forces & Motions, Weather & Climate, and Life Cycles & Traits. Our curriculum also incorporates a variety of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activities.

SOCIAL STUDIES  We will be using the TCI Social Studies Alive! series.  It focuses on World Geography, U.S. History, map reading, and understanding our economy.

HANDWRITING  Students practice handwriting first through lowercase cursive letters, and then are exposed to uppercase letters.


Everyday Math

Click here for the Everyday Math website, including Home Links:

First go to: https://www.nlsd122.org/c/index.php/parents-and-students/nlsd-technology-portal

Find the McGraw Hill ConnectED box, and click on it.  Then your child can access the site.  

Their username is 122FIRSTNAMELASTNAME (in all caps) and their password is nlsd5-digit#.  

Spelling and Vocabulary Lists

*Current List Highlighted in Red*

Unit 1: Module A (Lessons 1-5):Unit_1_Module_A_lesson_1-5.pdf

Unit 1: Module A (Lessons 6-10): Unit_1_Module_A_lesson_6-10.pdf

Unit 1: Module A (Lessons 11-15): Unit_1_Module_A_lesson_11-15.pdf

Unit 1: Module A (Lessons 16-18): Unit_1_Module_A_lesson_16-18.pdf

Unit 1: Module B (Lessons 1-5): Unit 1 Module B lesson1-5.pdf

Unit 1: Module B (Lessons 6-10): Unit 1 Module B_lessons_6-10.pdf

Unit 1: Module B (Lessons 11-15): Unit 1 Module B_lessons_11-15.pdf

Unit 1: Module B (Lessons 16-18):  Unit 1 Module B_lessons_16-18.pdf


Unit 2: Module A (Lessons 1-5): Unit 2 Module A_lessons_1-5.pdf

Unit 2: Module A (Lessons 6-10): Unit 2 Module A_lessons_6-10.pdf

Unit 2: Module A (Lessons 11-15): Unit 2 Module A_lessons_11-15.pdf

Unit 2: Module A (Lessons 16-18): Unit 2 Module A_lessons_16-18.pdf

Unit 2: Module B (Lessons 1-5): Unit 2 Module B_lessons_1-5.pdf

Unit 2: Module B (Lessons 6-10): Unit 2 Module B_lessons_6-10.pdf

Unit 2: Module B (Lessons 11-15): Unit 2 Module B_lessons_11-15.pdf

Unit 2: Module B (Lessons 16-18): Unit 2 Module B_lessons_16-18.pdf


Unit 3: Module A (Lessons 1-5): Unit 3 Module A_lessons_1-5.pdf