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Mr. Siegel

3rd Grade - Haines



Dear Parents,

We had a great week in class.  PTO calendar sale and TCBY forms have gone home.  TCBY is due by Sept. 10th.  Students may bring in a small gal. Sized bag of games/toys like legos for when we have indoor recess.  It will be stored in their backpack until indoor recess.  This will be their bag and should not be shared or traded, and no electronics games like Nintendo.

I would like to remind everyone to send the iPad back to school each school day charged.  If you accidentally forget to charge the iPad please bring the cord back so we can plug it in during class.


If ANYONE in your household is ill please keep your student home and seek medical advice and/or testing. Do not send your child to school if ANYONE in the house is awaiting an alternate diagnosis due to COVID like symptoms, is undergoing COVID testing due to symptoms, are awaiting COVID test results due to symptoms, or has been diagnosed with COVID. **If you are ever unsure what to do-CALL or email! We will walk you through the proper procedure to follow. It is very important for you to understand that this can lead to not only your child having to quarantine from school but also for several other students that sit near them on the bus or in the classroom to have to quarantine as well.

Please communicate regarding any illness or need to quarantine with Mrs. Rademacher, School Nurse (jrademacher@nlsd122.org) and myself (mhall@nlsd122.org). We want the highest priority for our teachers to be teaching in the classroom at this time and supporting your student instead of navigating health needs. We also want to maintain privacy for families related to health conditions.**Please note that I do check my email through the weekend and during the evening. Please feel free to send emails to me during these times so we can be proactive in addressing any issues and answering your questions.  Our #1 goal is to stay safe. We cannot do that without your help - Dr. Hall

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Mr. Seigel




Upcoming In Class Next Week

Reading: Continue, The Case of the Gasping Garbage

Writing: Writing with dialogue

Grammar: Verbs and verb tenses

Spelling: Base words and endings.  All spelling lists can be found on my Haines webpage.

Test will be given after 5 unit lessons


Unit 1 finishing with lessons 10 to 13 - equal groups and measuring - reviewing for test.

Science/Social Studies

Science:  How to be an inventor, Scientific Method and learning steps in an experiment and investigations.

*Library Books returned each Wednesday

Daily Schedule and Specials

Mr. Siegel's Third Grade Class

2020-2021 Remote School Year 

(Remote Class)

Daily Schedule 

9:00 Attendance, announcements and morning work

9:05-10:00 Language Arts

10:00-10:30 Specials  

*Bathroom/Movement Break as needed

10:45-12:05 Language Arts

12:05-12:40 Lunch

12:40-1:40 Math

1:40-1:45 Bathroom/Movement Break

1:45-2:00 Cursive/Language Arts. 

2:00 -2:30 Science / Social Studies (two week rotating schedule)

2:30-3:30 Student Support Time (as needed) 

 Specials Time 10:00-10:30

: Blue Day: Art or Music (rotating schedule) 

White Days: P.E.  

Class Expectations


Student and Class Expectations:


Our class will be using CHAMPS and ClassDojo programs to guide our  class and school expectations with rewards and consequences.