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     Welcome to Mr. Didier's website for U.S. History and World Cultures. The agenda for each week is listed below along with upcoming assignments. If you're looking for handout extras or notes visit the class tabs on the right. Have a great day! 


World Cultures

U.S. History

Monday, October 25th



  • West DBQ Due
  • Invention Chart
  • The Industrial Age Begins
  • Assignment- Start Invention Ad.

Tuesday, October 26th



  • China Map Due
  • Ancient China Dynasties
  • Mandate of Heaven
  • Assignment- Start Dynasty Project

Wednesday, October 27th





  • Industrial Age: Problems Begin
  • The Wright Brothers
  • Finish Invention Ad.
  • Assignment- Finish Invention Ad.

Thursday, October 28th


  • Qin and Han Dynasties
  • Continue Dynasty Project
  • Assignment- Finish Dynasty Project

Friday, October 29th

1/2 Day

11:25 Dismissal


  • Break the locks Activity
  • Industrial Age Video
  • Assignment- Industrial Age Questions

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