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     Welcome to Mr. Didier's website for U.S. History and World Cultures. The agenda for each week is listed below along with upcoming assignments. If you're looking for handout extras or notes visit the class tabs on the right. Have a great day! 


World Cultures

U.S. History

Monday, October 18th


  • Korea Comparison Due
  • Bell Ringers Due
  • Japan Study Guide
  • Jeopardy Review Game
  • Assignment- Study for Japan Test!

Tuesday, October 19th



  • Bell Ringers Due
  • Reconstruction and the West Study Guide
  • Jeopardy Review Game
  • Assignment- Study for Test!

Wednesday, October 20th


  • Kahoot Review
  • Japan Test
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Assignment- Great Wall of China

Thursday, October 21st


  • Kahoot Review
  • Reconstruction/West Test
  • DBQ Constructed Response
  • Assignment- Finish Constructed Response

Friday, October 22nd



  • China KWL
  • Geography of China
  • Map of China
  • Assignment- Map of China

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