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Mrs. Carroll

8th Grade
Language Arts and Reading Seminar
Liberty Jr. High

Welcome to Accelerated 8th Grade Reading Seminar!

The Accelerated Reading Seminar curriculum, like the regular Reading Seminar curriculum, focuses on the acquisition of vocabulary and the mastery of basic reading skills as applied to nonfiction.  In the accelerated class, students will be using vocabulary books at the 9th grade level and reading materials at the high school level.

Where traditional language arts classes focus primarily on the analysis of literary elements and comprehension of fictional novels and short stories, Reading Seminar classes focus on understanding and interpreting nonfiction materials such as essays, editorials, reviews, and magazine and newspaper articles.

The goal of the Reading Seminar class is to improve all students’ reading comprehension by reviewing and practicing individual reading skills such as establishing purpose, predicting, making inferences, evaluating and clarifying, finding main ideas, and using vocabulary in context, to name a few. 

The accelerated class will also focus heavily on debate of current events.  Students will be given many opportunities to choose the topics of debate that they find most relevant and interesting.  Emphasis will be placed on accurately citing multiple sources in order to defend their positions.

·       Reading Seminar is a sixty-minute class that meets every other day.  

·       Students will be quizzed on one unit in their Wordly Wise vocabulary books every other week.

·       Students will be given a Wordly Wise vocabulary book to take home, but all other reading materials and books will be kept in class.

·       Students should expect some homework if the assignment is not completed during class.

·       Studying for vocabulary tests will be the primary homework focus for students outside of class.  The tests are challenging, and students are expected to study their vocabulary definition worksheet.

·       No novels will be assigned in this class.


Grading:                                                           Supplies:

Tests / Quizzes = 50%                                      Wordly Wise vocabulary book

Homework / Classwork = 40%                         loose-leaf notebook paper

Openers / Definition Sheets = 10%.                highlighters, pen/pencil

                                                                           assignment notebook



Weekly Agenda

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Affix Unit


-- Play this Kahoot review game to study your Affixes (Prefix, Root, & Suffix)



-- Play this Quizlet to match some Prefix, Root, and Suffixes with their meanings.