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Mrs. Hartwig

PE - Liberty

Liberty Jr. High – Physical Education Expectations


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The vision of the physical education department is to promote physical well-being and mental aptitude in a setting that fosters current and practical concepts in both individual and team environments. Our program is designed to meet the growing needs of our students. Activities are planned to acquaint students with a variety of individual and team sports as well as lifetime activities. Our goal is to improve the physical fitness level of our students.


Behavior Guidelines

  • Students are expected to follow all school policies as outlined in the New Lenox School District #122 handbook and your LJHS planner.
  • We expect students to display a respectful attitude toward their teachers, their peers and themselves.
  • The step system will be used throughout the PE class.

Lockers, Locker Rooms, and Locker Room Safety

  • Students currently have an individual locker, which they are responsible for maintaining.
  • For the safety and well-being of our students, no aerosol spray is allowed. Roll-on products are acceptable.

Uniform Requirements

  • Students are to purchase a P.E. shirt and a pair of shorts. We also recommend purchasing a pinnie for your student’s individual use during class. Students are required to wear athletic shoes and socks each day.
  • Students are required to take home their uniforms on a weekly basis for cleaning.
  • If students forget their uniform, they are issued a rental and have an IOU. Each piece is $.50.
  • Uniform Cost: Shirts $10, Shorts $10, Reversible Pinnie $5

Permission to be Excused from Physical Education Class

  • A parent excusal note is only good for one day and a doctor’s note is required there-after. Students are allowed three parent notes per trimester.
  • Students will be required to complete an in-class assignment to earn their daily points. If a student is excused for more than two weeks at a time, they will convene in the library for a written assignment.



Preparedness (33% of overall grade)

  • Preparedness includes all aspects of being ready for class. Points earned by being on time to roll call, being dressed in their complete uniform, having a pencil on test days, etc.

Participation, Effort, and Attitude (34% of the overall grade)

  • Participation is defined as taking an active and proper role in each day’s activities.
  • The effort, not athletic ability, and a positive attitude are the main criterion in determining your daily grade.
  • Teacher comments are given on a day where there is significant point loss.

Test/Other Written Assignments (33% of the overall grade)

  • Knowledge and skill tests will be given for each unit when appropriate.
  • Study guides are offered to the students two weeks before the test and left in the gym until test day. It is the students’ responsibility to take a study guide.
  • Written assignments/projects may also be assigned and will be averaged into the “Tests and Other Written Assignments” portion of your grade.
    • Some test will be on the iPad, depending on your teacher.


*ALL PE information is available on the individual’s teacher website*