Nelson Prairie

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Mrs. Butler

Reading Specialist - Nelson Prairie

Areas of Reading


 Comprehension is the core of reading.  Students learn cognitive strategies like predicting, visualizing, connecting, questioning, determining importance, inferring, summarizing, and monitoring as they read, in order to understand and make use of what is read. 


 Fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and expression.


 A student's vocabulary is the set of words they are familiar with in a language.  A vocabulary grows with age and experience and has a significant impact on comprehension and fluency.



 Phonics is letter to sound correspondence in reading.  Students learn to match sounds to letters and letter combinations.


 Phonemic Awareness

 Phonemic awareness is the ability to manipulate spoken words.  Teachers teach students about phonemes, the smallest units of spoken language.  Students learn to use phonemes to form syllables and words.