Nelson Prairie

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Mrs. Willey

Social Worker - Nelson Prairie

Students at Nelson Prairie demonstrate their excellent character and giving spirit by participating in our Fall and Spring Schoolwide Service Projects.


Fall Service Projects

Fall 2015

Students and staff at Nelson Prairie took part in their fall service-project, Treats for Our Troops, on November 2-4, 2015.  Everyone was able to bring in extra Halloween candy to Nelson Prairie which was then donated to the New Lenox VFW Post 9545 in New Lenox, lL.  Miss Linda from the VFW gathered all 616 lbs. of candy into her car and will be sending our sweets treats to eight different battalions of soldiers in Afghanistan and Kazakhstan!  While demonstrating superior character, the students were so excited to thank our soldiers in such a “sweet” way!  Miss Linda cannot wait to start sending out her weekly care packages to the men and women serving our country with a little extra treat from the staff and students at Nelson Prairie. 

Spring Service Projects

Spring 2015

As the spring school-wide service project, students at Nelson Prairie School held a supply drive/fundraiser for animals being cared for at the Cache Creek Animal Rescue, May 18-21.  In demonstrating the six Character Traits (respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship, and fairness) discussed throughout the school year, the students collected not only cat and dog treats, toys, and food, but paper towels and newspaper as well.  Monetary donations from the students and staff at Nelson Prairie added up to $590, along with gift cards which will assist with transportation and care for the animals at the shelter.  “Our volunteers and the New Lenox community continue to amaze us everyday!  Words can’t describe how thankful we are that so many of you care about our mission to help these animals,” commented Cindy, coordinator at Cache Creek Animal Shelter.