Nelson Prairie

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Mrs. Deckinga

3rd Grade - Nelson Prairie


Class Links

Look below for commonly used/needed websites.

1. Quizlet


2. Enrichment Club

3. Student Digital Curriculum access: Pearson Realize, ConnectED McGraw Hill

4. NOT YET ACTIVE!!!​​​​​ IXL to practice Language Arts and Math skills EXAMPLE login information below. 

  • Username: 122firstnamelastname
  • Password: nlsd12345 (Numbers are student's ID number)
  • (You will need to add @nlsd to the end of the username if you are not logging in through this link. For example, 122elizabethdeckinga@nlsd)

5. NOT YET ACTIVE!!! Reflex Math- Students should be practicing until they get their green light daily. 

  • username: edeckinga
  • password: nsld12345 (Numbers are student's ID number)

6. NOT YET ACTIVE!!! ​​RAZ Kids- Students should be using RAZ a few times a week to read books and answer questions. 

  • username: edeckinga0
  • password: nlsd12345 (Numbers are student's ID number.)

7. Spelling City


8. NOT YET ACTIVE!!!.​​​​​​ Epic! Only to be used at school! To use at home, parents have to sign up for an account. 

  • You should read collections that have been assigned first. Then you can search for and read anything you choose!

9. NOT YET ACTIVE!!! Keyboarding Without TearsPlease note a change in FIRST time student login instructions!! The FIRST time a student logs in to a new device, he/she will have to enter our district name (New Lenox SD) and district PIN - 9AFC5ACE and THEN select school from list. This should only be required one time on each device.

  • Students will select grade and teacher.
  • Students will enter their secret code (from login sheet sent home 9/14).

10. NOT YET ACTIVE!!! Everyday Math- ConnectED McGraw Hill EXAMPLE login information below. The correct login page can be accessed from the NLSD Student Technology Portal.

  • username: 122firstnamelastname 
  • password: nlsd12345 (Numbers are student's ID number.)

11. (NOT YET ACTIVE!) Google Classroom  


  • Email: firstnamelastname@students.nlsd122.org
  • Username: 122FIRSTNAMELASTNAME (all caps)
  • Password: nlsd12345 (The numbers are your student ID number.)

12. Wordbook Online 

  • Username: nlsd122  
  • Password: nlsd122

13. Pebble Go: 

  • username: prairie
  • password: animals

14. Visual Thesaurus

15. Grammar Videos

16. Click link for WONDEROPOLIS
    Click link for Tour of the 50 States
    Click link for Brain Pop!