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Mrs. Audy

4th Grade - Nelson Ridge


A club for students interested in learning!

This is a club for students interested in achieving "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations. All you have to do is learn about a topic and then submit your answers to Mrs. Audy.  Learning never ends - thank goodness!

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Click the website next to the question to go to the website for the information. Please remember websites can close overnight, so be prepared to choose another challenge.


1. Name the 7 continents List A        List 1B
2. Name 15 world countries List 2a      List 2B
3. Name 15 major world cities

List 3A     List 3B

4. Name 15 kinds of dwellings Types of dwellings
5. Name 10 South American and Central American countries

South America country maps

Central America map

6. Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean  Country maps
7. Name 10 countries in Europe

European countries
Quiz Yourself
Click on the correct European country game 

8. Name 10 countries in Africa

African countries
Quiz yourself 

9. Name 10 major bodies of water  Oceans and Seas
Major Bodies of water list
Awesome lists for Social Studies 
10. Name 10 major world rivers  Principal rivers of the world
River systems of the world 
11. Name 10 large deserts of the world  Fact Monster deserts of the world
Desert maps 
12. Name 10 large lakes  Lakes of the world
U.S. lakes.com 
13. Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges  Highest Peaks 
14. Name the 50 states  50 States list
50 states quiz 
15 Write the names of the 50 states on a map  Explore the states
U.S.map to label 
16. Write the state capitals  State capitals 
17. Name the 13 colonies  13 Colonies list
13 colonies quiz + map 
18 . Name 10 Native American tribes Native American Nations 
19. Name 10 Oregon Trail landmarks 

Oregon Trail

20. Name 10 counties of our state     20A     20B

21. Name the state symbols of our state    21A     21B

22. Name 10 explorers                        22A      22B

23. Name 10 Civil War battles               23A       23B

24. Name the 1st - 10th presidents in order    24A    24B

25. Name the 11h - 20th presidents order     25A     25B

26. Name the 21st - 30th presidents in order    26A    26B

27. Name the 31st - current presidents     27A     27B


28. Name 15 Kinds of fish      28a     28B

29. Name 15 marine creatures        29A      29B

30. Name 15 mammals       30A        30B

31. Name 15 vertebrate animals      31A             

32. Name 15 desert animals or wildlife        32A     32B    32C

33. Name 10 amphibians         33A     

34. Name 10 reptiles           34A         34B

35. Name 10 dinosaurs        35A       35B

36. Name 10 types of birds       36A       36B

37. Name 10 rainforest birds or mammals     37A    37B   37C

38. Name 10 deciduous trees        38A        

39. Name 10 rocks or minerals      39A       39B      39C

40. Name 10 chemicals and their chemical symbols 40A  40B  40C

41. Name 10 constellations        41A      41B

42. Name 10 organs in the human body      42A      42B

43. Name 8 types of clouds        43A        43B

44. Name 10 inventors and their inventions     44A     44B

45. Name 5 human body systems       45A        45B      45C

46. Name the stages of the water cycle     46A      46B

47. Name the order of the colors in the rainbow  47A   47B

48. Label the major bones of the skeleton    48A     48B

49. Name the order of the planets in the solar system  49A  49B


50. Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital alphabet 50A 50B

51. Compute the perimeter of rectangles, squares, and triangles

                                                          51A    51B

52. Compute the area of rectangles, squares, and triangles

                                                         52A     52B

53. Name the perfect square numbers up to 225.   53A     53B

54. Earn 100% on the square roots test.  54A     54B     54C  

                        54D - square roots flash cards

55. Write in Roman numerals up to 100.        55A      55B 

                           55C - Roman Numerals Game

56. Name 5 famous mathematicians             56A      56B

57. Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the addition basic facts test. 

     (print practice tests)       57A        57B

58. Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the subtraction basic facts test

(print practice tests)           58A      58B


59. Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the multiplication basic facts test.

(print practice tests)          59A      59B

60AB. Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the division basic facts test.

(print practice tests)          60A      60B



60CD. Name 10 Common nouns and 10 proper nouns   60C    60D

61. Name 15 adjectives        61A       61B

62. Name 20 verbs          62A        62B

63. Name 15 adverbs        63A       63B

64. Name 15 Prepositions        64A      64B

65. Name 10 famous authors        65A       65B       65C

66. Give 2 examples each of alliteration, personification, simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia.

            66A           66B

67. Count to 20 in Spanish              67A      67B

68. Count to 20 in French               68A      68B        68C

69. Use sign language to “sign” the alphabet.      69A      69B

70. Score 100% on the grade-level 100-word spelling test.



71. Name one career for each letter of the alphabet. 71A    71B

72. Name the birthstones for each month.    71A      

73. Name 20 modes of transportation.     73A       73B

74. Name 15 breeds of horses.      74A        74B

75. Name 15 breeds of dogs.     75A      75B

76. Name 15 Olympic events.      76A      76B

77. Name 10 large corporations       77A       77B

78. Name 10 instruments in a marching band.   78A    78B

79. Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra     79A    79B

80. Name 10 football teams and their cities     80A      80B

81. Name 10 basketball teams and their cities      81A     81B

82. Name 10 baseball teams and their cities        82A     82B

83. Name 10 hockey teams and their cities         83A     83B

84. Name 10 National Parks                          84A      84B

85. Name 10 colleges and their states              85A      85B