Nelson Ridge

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Mrs. Curta

Physical Education - Nelson Ridge



Implement philosophy/goals of New Lenox District #122.

  • Create a program that is flexible and adaptive to all students.
  • Ensure that students develop healthy attitudes that eventually motivate them to establish a routine of physical activity.
  • Maximize student participation – minimizing discipline problems.
  • Develop cardio respiratory fitness.
  • Strengthen student competence which leads to increase in confidence – encouraging students to try, enjoy, and participate in a lifetime of physical activities and sport.
  • Implement interdisciplinary learning which integrates subject areas and fosters learning across the curriculum.
  • Include different modalities of learning:  kinesthetic, visual, oral, auditory, and written allowing students the opportunity to use their strengths, therefore, empowering students to be successful.
  • Incorporate health and nutrition concepts through various activities.
  • Adapt sport and recreation activities to meet unique needs of all students.
  • Develop sportsmanship, teamwork skills and strategies through positive competitive situations.
  • Implement differentiation allowing students of all skill levels to be successful.

Create a positive learning environment which fosters student motivation and opportunity to learn, promotes student self-responsibility and accountability.