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Mrs. Wettergren

5th Grade Math, Science,
and Social Studies - Nelson Ridge


Chapter 5 - Interactions in Ecosystems
                          Chapter 5  Vocabulary List 
                          Chapter 5 Study Guide 

                          Ch. 5 QUIZLET Review
                          Biome Resources

                         Buzzle.com - Animal Links

                         National Geographic:  Animals

                         Endangered Animal Resource 1

                         Endangered Animal Resource 2

                         Endangered Animal Resource 3


Chapter 7 & 8 - Earth's Water & Climate
                       Chapter 7 & 8 Vocabulary List

                       Crash Course Kids:  The Great Aqua Adventure 24.1        

                       Water Cycle Song

                       Crash Course Kids:  The Basics of Freshwater 14.1

                      Crash Course Kids: Water Water Everywhere 14.2

                      Crash Course Kids Video- Earth's Spheres Part 1

                      Crash Course Kids Video- Earth's Spheres Part 2

                      Crash Course Kids Video - What on Earth? 

                      Ch. 7 Quizlet Review

Chapter 10 - Protecting Earth's Resources
                     Chapter 10 Vocabulary List
                     Earth's Resources Video 

                     Ch. 10 Quizlet Review


Chapter 11 - Matter and Its Properties 
                    Chapter 11 Vocabulary
                    Chapter 11 Review Sheet 

                    Properties of Matter Study Jam Video 

                    Atoms Study Jam Video

                    Elements and Compounds Study Jam Video

                   Ch. 11 Matter & Properties Quizlet review

Chapter 16 & 17 - The Stars and Planets 

                     Planet Song

                    Ch. 16-17 Quizlet Review

                    Dodecahedron Project

Use the following website to gather information for the planet project:  https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/overview/




TCI Space Unit

                    The Sun and Stars video

Jet Toy Engineering Unit

                    Jet Toy Vocab Quizlet                    

                    Jet Toy Vocab List


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