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Ms. Tantillo's Resource ELA

Curriculum and Instruction:

  • Read Naturally Live (Read Live) - Read Live is a web-based intervention tool used to target fluency, developing phonemic awareness, vocabulary and comprehension. The program provides supplements for interventions through the use of Word Warm-ups Live, One-Minute Reader Live, and/or Read Naturally Live-Español.
    • Read Naturally Live - Students work with a carefully-selected text to form predictions, practice reading fluently, analyzing a text, responding to comprehension-based questions and retelling after reading, all with the guidance of in-app, auditory feedback along the way.
    • Word Warm-ups Live - Builds automaticity in phonics and decoding
    • One-Minute Reader Live - Provides literacy support through a guided, independent reading format
    • Read Naturally Live-Español - Supports literacy development for native Spanish speaking users through using Spanish text.
  • Wilson Reading System - A structured literacy program used to teach the structure of the English language in a multisensory, systematic fashion. The program supports the learning of basic decoding and encoding skills for students Grades 1-12 and includes instruction in: Word Structure, Word Recognition and Spelling, Vocabulary, Sentence Reading, Listening and Reading Comprehension, Text Structure, Organization of Writing, Oral and Written Expression, Proof-reading and Self-monitoring Skills.