Nelson Ridge

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Mrs. Foley

Social Worker - Nelson Ridge and Liberty



My name is Mrs. Nida Foley and I am Nelson Ridge's school social worker. You can find out more about me by clicking the About Me link to the right.

As you may know short-term family obstacles or difficulty developing relationships at school can often affect learning. In such cases, social work services are available to students through the school social worker. The initial referral may come from members of the school staff, parents, or the students' themselves. School social workers assess school related problems and their possible causes to make recommendations, which may include modifications to the student's school program or a referral to appropriate community resources.  I am at Nelson Ridge full time Monday-Friday and work with general education and special education students. I am a support for those students who are a struggling in school, whether it is making friendships or having some anxiety about being in school. I am also here to help parents and support their role. Throughout the year I will work with teachers and other staff to see the needs of the students and put together some groups. These groups may include topics such as divorce, grief and loss, self-esteem, or social skills. Permission slips for these groups are available on this site. Please review the Nelson Ridge Social Work Groups on the right and click on the link to download a permission slip.