Nelson Ridge

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Mrs. McConnell

4th Grade - Nelson Ridge

*NEW:  Pearson ReadyGEN Reading & Language Arts Curriculum!

  • Trade Books (Focus on close reading strategies during whole group instruction/discussion.  Can be accessed online via Power School log-in) 
  • Readers and Writers Journal (benchmark vocabulary, comprehension development, writing prompts, and conventions practice) 
  • Word Analysis Workbook (spelling)
  • Reading Tests (include select benchmark vocabulary words, foundational skill review, and application of reading skills learned during trade book discussion)  
  • Performance Based Assessment (Given at the end of each unit).

Reading Vocabulary:


Please use online link below for Spelling City to help with this week's spelling words. Be sure to search "sschury" and click on the appropriate lesson number for the correct words for the week!

Spelling City



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