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Mrs. Goad

5th Grade Math - Oster-Oakview

The math topics that will be covered in each trimester are listed below. Also listed are the Everyday Math website and the IXL website.

Click on each link to access the websites.


Everyday Math Website



Trimester 1 Math Topics

Trimester 1:  

Use Parentheses to Evaluate Expressions

Find Area of Rectangles with Fractional Side Lengths

Use a Strategy to Find Volume of a 3-D Figure

Write & Interpret Numerical Expressions

Recognize & Explain Patterns when Multiplying a Number by a Power of 10

Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers

Divide Whole Numbers Including 2 Digit Divisors

Convert Standard Units of Measurement

Add & Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Solve Word Problems Involving Addition & Subtraction of Fractions

Multiply Fractions & Whole Numbers

Trimester 2 Math Topics

Trimester 2:

Read & Write Decimals in Words, Numbers, and Expanded Form

Read & Write Decimals to Thousandths

Compare Decimals to Thousandths

Use Place Value to Round Decimals

Add & Subtract Decimals to Hundredths

Plot Points on a Coordinate Grid

Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators

Multiply Fractions & Mixed Numbers

Divide Whole Numbers & Fractions

Trimester 3 Math Topics

Trimester 3:

Use Patterns to Multiply Decimals by Powers of 10

Use Patterns to Divide Decimals by Powers of 10

Represent Fractional Data on Line Plots

Use a Rule to Write & Plot Ordered Pairs

Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers

Multiply Mixed Numbers

Classify 2-D Figures Based on Properties

Use Place Value to Round Decimals

Multiply & Divide Decimals to Hundredths

Use Unit Conversions to Solve Problems

Create & Use Graphs to Solve Problems