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Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals:


Sports physicals are required yearly for participation in athletics.

According to Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) bylaw 3.061 for 2013-2014:

No student shall be permitted to compete in a try-out, practice, or game unless such student has filed with the school principal a certificate of physical fitness issued by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner as set forth in the Illinois State Statutes not more than 395 days preceding such tryout, practice, or contest in any athletic activity.


Sports Physical Form




It is essential that parents inform the school nurse of all environmental, medication and food allergies that a student has. Please include the symptoms and severity of symptoms the student experiences with the reaction as well as the treatment required if any. If it is a food allergy we need to know what kind of exposure will result in a reaction; ingestion only or ingestion and contact with the allergen. This information should be updated yearly on the Health Survey.

Any student that has a life-threatening allergy needs to have an Illinois Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan and Treatment Authorization Form on file. This is a form that needs to be completed by the parent and physician and signed by both. The Allergy Action Plan needs to be renewed yearly. The information in the plan will be shared with school personnel that are involved in the education of your child.

Medications ordered may include epinephrine, Benadryl (anti-histamine), and/or a relief inhaler. Medications need to be provided to the school in the original container with the pharmacy label attached. If the medication is over-the-counter it needs to be provided in the original container. Students are allowed to carry epinephrine and inhalers with them during the school day and during school activities, however it is recommended that an additional dose of medication be kept in the school health office. It is essential that the parent and nurse communicate regarding the placement and how emergency medication will be accessed by the student and nurse in the event of an emergency.

 New Lenox School District 122 Food Allergy Procedures can be viewed in the Parent/Student handbook on page 40.

Allergy Emergency Action Plan




If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, even if symptoms have not occurred for a long period of time, the school nurse needs to be notified.

Information given to the nurse needs to be updated yearly and should include:

         1.The symptoms and severity of symptoms your child experiences.

         2.What triggers your child’s symptoms.

         3.What relieves his/her symptoms.

         4.What other medication your child is on.

         5.How often your child experiences symptoms/uses a relief inhaler.

 If your child will need to have medication at school:

         1.  A Medication Authorization Form will need to be completed and signed by you and the doctor. (even if the student will be carrying and self administering the inhaler)

         2.  For inhalers a recent pharmacy label with the prescribing information on it may be accepted as the doctor’s signature. 

  • The child needs to contact the nurse or have the nearest adult contact the nurse immediately in the event the inhaler does not relieve asthma symptoms.
  • It is recommended that a back up inhaler is provided to be stored in the nurse’s office in the event the student forgets or looses the inhaler.
  • A nebulizer is available for use in the event the doctor orders nebulizer treatments. The school will need to be provided with the medication, mouth piece/mask and tubing.
  • A new Medication Authorization Form needs to be provided each school year.
  • Illinois Public Act 099-0843, effective January 1, 2017, requires schools to request an Asthma Action Plan for all students with asthma. This plan just by completed by the child's physician. There is a link to the form below, however we will accept  forms used by the child's medical provider. 
  •  Medication Authorization Form
  •  Asthma Action Plan