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Mrs. Errek

6th Grade Math, Science & Social Studies
Spencer Crossing

TCI: Bring Science Alive!


Scientific Method

Scientific Method

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Lesson 1: Resources in Living Ecosystems

Lesson 2: Interactions Among Organisms

Lesson 3: Changing Ecosystems

Lesson 4: Capturing the Sun's Energy

Lesson 5: Using Stored Energy

Lesson 6: Food Webs and Trophic Pyramids

Lesson 7: Global Cycles of Matter

Weather and Climate

Lesson 4: Air Pressure and Wind

Lesson 5: Water and Weather

Lesson 6: Air Mass and Changing Weather

Lesson 7: Severe Weather

Lesson 8: Climate Patterns

Lesson 9: Global Circulation of the Atmosphere

Lesson 10: How the Ocean Affects Climate

Lesson 11: Local Climate

Lesson 12: Earth's Climate Over Time

Lesson 13: Climate Today and Tomorrow


Lesson 1: Types of Waves

Lesson 2: Properties of Waves

Lesson 3: Wave Energy

Lesson 4: Waves in Different Media