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Mrs. Errek

6th Grade Math, Science & Social Studies
Spencer Crossing

TCI: History Alive!  The Ancient World


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Unit 1: Themes of World History

Lesson 1: Investigating the Past


Lesson 2: Early Hominins


Lesson 3: From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers


Lesson 4: The Rise of Sumerian City States


Lesson 5: Ancient Sumer


Lesson 6: Exploring Four Empires of Mesopotamia


Unit 2: Ancient Egypt and the Middle East

Lesson 7: Geography and the Early Settlement of Egpyt, Kush, and Canaan

Lesson 8: The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

Lesson 9: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Lesson 10: The Kingdom of Kush

Lesson 11: The Origins of Judaism

Lesson 12: Learning About World Religions: Judaism

Unit 5: Ancient Greece

Lesson 25: Geography and the Settlement of Greece

Lesson 26: The Rise of Democracy

Lesson 27: Life in Two City-States: Athens and Sparta

Lesson 28: Fighting the Greco-Persian Wars

Lesson 29: The Golden Age of Athens

Lesson 30: Alexander the Great and His Empire

Lesson 31: The Legacy of Ancient Greece

Unit 6: Ancient Rome

Lesson 32: Geography and the Early Development of Rome

Lesson 33: The Rise of the Roman Republic

Lesson 34: From Republic to Empire

Lesson 35: Daily Life in the Roman Empire

Lesson 36: The Origins and Spread of Christianity

Lesson 37: Learning About the World Religions: Christianity

Lesson 38: The Legacy of Rome in the Modern World