Spencer Crossing

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Mrs. Engelmann

5th Grade Math and Science - Spencer Crossing

5th Grade Every Day Math

Please go to powerschool to login to your student account.  The process for students to access Pearson content (Digits, My Perspectives, etc.) has changed since last year.  Below are the steps for accessing Pearson content through the student technology portal…

  1. Log into the New Lenox School District website    www.nlsd122.org

  2. Select the “Parents and Students” dropdown menu.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Student Technology Portal.”

  4. To access Connect Ed Mcgraw hill app for Every Day Math click the app. 

  5. Students may be asked to sign in using their Google login information.


Password = nlsd+5-digit code (nlsd##### - all lower case)

      6. Students can use the student reference book and print out homework links if necessary. 

      7. Students can also click through daily lessons. They can go back in lessons, but they can not              move forward.

      8. Every day math games can also be found on this app. This is also a great resource to use. 


Websites to visit:

Reflex Math:         https://www.reflexmath.com

IXL:                       https://www.ixl.com

Xtra Math:             http://xtramath.org