Spencer Pointe

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Mrs. Kumke

1st Grade - Spencer Pointe

As a District, we use the Pearson ReadyGEN reading series which is an integrated literacy program that accelerates learning for students by presenting modeled reading with authentic text. Lessons include a Close Reading routine where students will learn how to approach complex texts by citing evidence from the text, exploring key ideas and details, and analyzing text structure.  The goal of ReadyGen is to build strong readers and writers through a lesson structure that develops an understanding of big ideas in social studies and science concepts through integration. Units are a collection of texts deliberately organized around certain topics. 

The core of ReadyGen is a relationship between reading and writing to promote student thinking and understanding through text-based evidence. Students write every day, and instruction is closely linked to reading, using the text as the model. Students will practice informative, narrative, and opinion writing in response to text.