Spencer Pointe

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Mrs. O'Malley

2nd Grade - Spencer Pointe

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READING:  Each school night, the students will be expected to spend time reading 15-20 minutes.  This can be independent reading time, time your child spends reading to you, or time you spend reading to your child.  A mixture of each over time would be best. A monthly reading log will be sent home.  


MATH:  Students will have one math homelink page most nights.  Please make sure that they come back to school the next day since we review the material covered on that home link at the start of our day. 


SPELLING: You will see lists of words coming home with each module


Phonics Words: Practice reading these pattern words and trying to apply the pattern to other words. ( IE: cat=hat, chat)


High Frequency words: Your child should be able to read the high frequency words


VOCABULARY: Your child should be able to define the vocabulary words.  Vocab words are discussed each day at school.  It is our expectation, that by the end of the unit students can read and give a student friendly definition or give a synonym (similarly defined word) for the vocabulary.


Written notes are required if your child needs to leave school early or is going home in any other way than the usual manner.  The note should be dated and signed by you.  I will also need a note if your child needs to stay in for recess or P.E.  I will expect him/her to participate otherwise. 



District policy remains the same regarding birthdays and treats.  Students will not be allowed to pass out any food to classmates.  As always, birthday invitations handed out at school must be given to all students or, just girls or boys.



We will have snack in the morning.  Please send your child with something small and healthy to have at this time.   Lunch/recess for our class is  1:15-1:50.