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Tips for Building Self-Esteem 

  • Assist your child in making a list of his/her positive personal attributes.  Post the list prominently at home.
  • Assist your child in writing a definition of unconditional love (e.g. complete and constant love given regardless of personal attributes, attitude, behavior, or performance) and list significant others who can give unconditional love.  Talk about how his/her performance does not dictate how much he/she is loved.
  • Help your child to identify and create a list of skills he/she has now, skills he/she is learning, and skills he/she will need in the future.  It may be helpful to have parents and siblings create these lists for themselves to point out how everyone has different skills they are great at and others they need to work on (including adults!).  Remind him/her that learning things is a lifelong process.  You can even talk about the things he/she didn’t know how to do as a baby, in Kindergarten, etc., but learned and can now do really well. 
  • Positive self-talk- Create a list of positive things he/she can say to replace the negative thoughts when feeling frustrated or upset.  Refer to this list as negative thoughts come up and try to reframe those thoughts.
  • Have adults working with student make a point to increase the amount of positive and encouraging praise he/she receives.
  • Have your child think about and list positive statements of encouragement he/she has received from adults throughout the week. 
  • Reinforce academic, family, and social successes by drawing, photographing, or displaying projects or assignments that trigger personal pride. 
  • Encourage your child to teach you or others about something he/she is great at or an “expert” in.  It could be academic or anything he/she has a special interest in. 


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