Spencer Pointe

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Mrs. Mack

3rd Grade - Spencer Pointe

Our reading series is ReadyGEN.  Below are the skills we will cover throughout the year. 

Unit 1 Module A

Stories: The Lemonade War,  The Case of the Gasping Garbage, Thundercake

Skills: character traits, questions and answers, sequence of events, point of view, compare and contrast

Phonics: short vowels and syllables, plurals, base words, vowel digraphs

Grammar- review nouns, plural nouns, verb tenses, quotation marks and commas in dialogue 

Unit 1 Module B

Stories: Treasure in the TreesThe Moon Seems to ChangeAbout Earth

Skills: main idea, text feature, point of view, compare and contrast, characters

Phonics: short vowels and syllables, plurals, base words and endings, vowel digraphs

Grammar: nouns as subjects, plural nouns, past tense verbs, quotation marks and commas in dialogue

Unit 2 Module A

Stories: The Year of Miss AgnesThe AthabascansThe Frog Princess  

Skills: main idea, characters, central message, illustrations, compare and contrast characters

Phonics: compound words, consonant blends, contractions, consonant digraphs

Grammar: capital letters, proper nouns, adverbs, superlative adverbs, punctuation in dialogue

Unit 2 Module B

Stories: Deep Down and Other Extreme Places to LiveCity HomesThe Song of Sky and Sand

Skills:  main idea, analyze photos/illustrations, ask and answer questions, compare and contrast, 

Phonics: prefixes, suffixes, consonant patterns

Grammar: adverbs, conjunctions, past tense verbs, subject-verb agreement

Unit 3 Module A

Stories: Storm in the NightKnots on a Counting Rope, Paul Bunyan         

Skills: contributions of illustrations to a text, character, central message, compare and contrast

Phonics:  r-controlled vowels, prefixes, suffixes

Grammar: irregular plurals, comparative and superlative adjectives, possessives, dictionary skills

Unit 3 Module B

Stories: Weather, On the Same Day in MarchLiving Through a Natural Disaster

Skills: ask and answer questions, scientific ideas, information from illustrations, compare and contrast, case and effect

Phonics: Syllable patterns, homophones, vowel patterns /aw/

Grammar: abstract nouns, past tense of irregular verbs, verb tenses, complex sentences and simple sentences

Unit 4 Module A

Stories:  Back of the BusRosa Parks: Hero of Our TimeBrave Girl, Below Deck: A Titanic Story

Skills: plot, fact and opinion, central message. actions and effect on story,

Phonics: suffixes, vowels, schwa

Grammar: nouns, plural nouns,  pronouns, suffixes, prefixes, and base words, possessives

Unit 4 Module B

Stories: What is a Government?Who Really Created Democracy?A More Perfect Union

Skills: main idea and details, sequence, opinion

Phonics: schwa, final syllables, prefixes

Grammar: subject/verb agreement, past tense of be, antecedents of pronouns, simple sentences, adverbs