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Mrs. Van Dyke

3rd Grade - Spencer Pointe

3rd Grade Curriculum

Language Arts

We will be using the Pearson ReadyGen reading series which is an integrated literacy program that accelerates learning for students by presenting modeled reading with authentic text. ReadyGen also offers interactive anchor texts, digital publishing tools, and game-based online activities to increase student engagement while building literacy skills.

  • Reading: ReadyGen lessons include a Close Reading routine where students will learn how to approach complex texts by citing evidence from the text, exploring key ideas and ideas, and analyzing text structure. ReadyGen uses a generative approach to vocabulary instruction where words are taught in clusters, with a focus on key words that are critical to understanding the text.
  • Phonics Skills: We will be covering many phonics skills this year so check the newsletter for the skill each week.
  • Writing: Throughout the year, students will practice informative, narrative, and opinion writing in response to text. 
  • English:  Students will be learning about parts of speech and grammar rules. We will be covering sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, and contractions. 

We also do Guided Reading centers during Language Arts instruction. For more information on Guided Reading please click the link below.





We will be using the ReadyGen spelling program which focuses on spelling patterns. Students will receive lists that should be practiced nightly. A test on these words will be given. Students have additional opportunities for practice in the classroom that include: workbook pages, creating sentences, ABC order, word patterns, etc.  



Our Math program is called Everyday Math 4.  Students will be studying time, number stories, arrays, multiplication, division, fractions, operations/computations, measurement, and geometry through the use of activities, discussions, and games.  Throughout the year, you will receive family letters to keep you informed of the mathematical content that your child will be studying in each unit.  Each letter includes a vocabulary list, suggested Do-Anytime Activities for you and your child, and an answer guide to Home Links (homework).  Home Links will come home most weeknights and correspond to the lesson that was taught previously that day.  They are a great way to review with your child what was taught during Math that day.  All Home Links also have a family note to explain any new math algorithms taught in class.



            Our handwriting program is called Handwriting Without Tears. In the classroom we will practice the letters, analyze strokes, and practice alignment. By the end of the second trimester, the students will be writing in cursive.



            Our science program publisher is TCI. The TCI science program addresses the teaching of science through technology and hands on activities.  Some topics we study are: the scientific method, the environment and living things, forces and motion, and weather and climate.


Social Studies:

             Our social studies program publisher is TCI. The TCI social studies program addresses the teaching of Social Studies through technology and hands on activities.  Some topics we study are: communities in the United States, civic ideals and practices, the beginning of our country, continuity and change, and global connections.



            The purpose of homework is to promote responsibility and to review and reinforce class lessons. Several late homework assignments will result in a check mark on your child’s report card.


Home Links (Math Homework):

           Most weeks, Homelinks are assigned Monday through Thursday nights.  Students will keep their Homelink workbook at home. Please have your child complete the assigned Homelink and return it to school the following day.