Spencer Trail

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Ms. Schultz

Art and Music - Cherry Hill and Spencer Trail Kindergarten


This year I am please to say I am sharing a class with the Phono Teacher in the Red Neighborhood. I take students from the Excel and Multi-needs classes in this room. While in my classroom I work on transitioning skills, fine motor, sensory, and creative skills. We will be making some very cool projects this year that I hope all families will love. In music, we use it as a tool to learn skills and have fun! 

For our Project Begin and EC kiddos I will be visiting their classrooms once a week. We will be learning about recognition and exploration of the art materials. Students will use a choice based curriculum this year where they will get to make a ton of decisions that will help them explore and create. In music, we have a ton of fun learning new songs about all kinds of different things; school, animals, moving, ABC's etc... 

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Looking Forward to a great year!