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Special Education - Spencer Trail


The best way to support students' functioning is by keeping expectations consistent. Please see the tips, visuals, and websites you will find below, and feel free to implement them in your own home as needed. :)



Tip 1: Keep things simple! Use short phrases with your child when completing a task. For example, say, "Socks, shoes, coat" instead of "Put your socks on, and then both of your shoes, and don't foret your coat".

Tip 2: Designate places for important items! For example, your child's backpack can go in a designated spot in the home each day so they are not surprised or anxious about a changing routine, and they can independently put their backpack in it's place each day.

Internet Resources:


Social/Emotional Skills:

Tip 1: Use Social Stories! These are visuals that support social situations that children may find themselves in, and you may read them with your child before an event occurs.

Internet Resources: https://www.special-learning.com/article/what_are_social_stories

Tip 2: Allow for independence and responsiblity! In small ways, allow your child to make decisions and problem-solve. For example, your child can choose their outfit for the day; select from a choice of breakfast foods; decide what story to read before bed, etc.! This allows for growing responsibility and social development.


Behavior Token Systems:

Some students may benefit from continued structure and reward systems in the home setting. These systems may be used in the school setting with your child, so if you are curious how they work and what they help with, see the links below!

Internet Resources:  https://autismpdc.fpg.unc.edu/sites/autismpdc.fpg.unc.edu/files/Reinforcement-token-steps.pdf