Spencer Trail

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Mrs. Martino

Kindergarten - Spencer Trail

Welcome to Kindergarten



I would like to take this time to say ‘hi’ and welcome you to a year filled with fun and adventure.  I have many exciting projects planned, exciting songs and, most of all, new friends for you to meet.  



Kids learning to share and care

Individual levels, strengths and needs

 Nurturing environments that encourages positive risk-taking

 Different learning styles and personalities begin to surface

 Every moment is a teachable moment

 Remembering to raise hands and to work cooperatively with others

 Gaining a greater awareness of letters, sounds, words, and numbers

 Art, music, and library help to educate the whole child

 Responsibility, respect, cooperation and honesty are celebrated

 Time, all children need time and opportunity to grow

 Each child is a promise of a bright future

 Never forgetting that each child is a work in