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Mrs. Richards

Reading Specialist - Spencer Trail

Early Literacy Skills- Letter Names, Sounds, CVC Words

Kindergarten Skills Include Knowing: Letter Names, Sounds, and How to Read CVC Words. CVC Words are words that have a consonant, vowel, and consonant pattern to them. Examples include cat, fit, hop, sun, fan, set, tip, pot, bug.

Spencer Trail Pinterest Board for Learning Letter Names and Sounds

Letter Name and Sound Fluency Practice Sheets

Short Vowel Video

Sight Words

There are 40 Sight Words that Kindergarteners are expected to learn. Sight Words are also called Dolch Words and High Frequency Words. 

Spencer Trail Pinterest Board for Sight Word Activities

Additional Sight Words to Practice (if your child has mastered the Kindergarten Words)

Math Skills

Math Skills in Kindergarten Include: Counting to 100, Recognizing and Ordering Numerals 0-20, Recognizing Shapes, and Making Patterns

Spencer Trail Pinterest Board for Math Skills

Teen Number Video

Teen Number Worksheets

100 Chart