Nelson Prairie Staff and Grade Level Resources

Office Staff

Mr. Broders, Principal                      tbroders@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Fiorillo, Assistant Principal       kfiorillo@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Young, Secretary                     jyoung@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Dwyer, Secretary                     jdwyer@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Rossborough, Nurse               arossborough@nlsd122.org

Mr. Noel Rodriguez, Custodian       nrodriguez@nlsd122.org

First Grade Staff

First Grade Teachers

Mrs. Ciocci         dciocci@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Galminas   dgalminas@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Oster          soster@nlsd122.org

Miss Schultz       bschultz@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Willis           mwillis@nlsd122.org


Second Grade Staff

Second Grade Teachers

Ms. Clark          nclark@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Esser        tesser@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Kloiber      mkloiber@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Losacco    glosacco@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Stevens     tstevens@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Wagner     hwagner@nlsd122.org

Third Grade Staff

Ms. Ballerini       aballerini@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Brown         lbrown@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Deckinga    edeckinga@nlsd122.org

Ms. Eaker           keaker@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Foglton       afoglton@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Kostro         skostro@nlsd122.org    

LRC and Fine Arts Staff

Ms. Bendy, Music              jbendy1@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Mitchell, P.E.              nmitchell@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Kordik, Art                  tkordik@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Lasak, LRC Director  clasak@nlsd122.org



Mrs. Anaya, Resource         janaya@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Butler, Reading            abutler@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Fjeldheim, Speech       kfjeldheim@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Lahey, OT                    mlahey@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Maher, Resource         jmaher@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Prodoehl, ESL             kprodoehl@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Ramirez, Resource      kramirez@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Riley, PT                      triley@nlsd122.org

Mrs. White, Diagnostician   cwhite@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Willey, Social Worker   jwilley@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Calandriello, Paraprofessional

Mrs. Hughes, Paraprofessional 

Mrs. Jablonski, Interventionist

Mrs. Kurth, Paraprofessional