New Lenox District 122


General Information


New Lenox School District 122 is home to 5,000+ students from the New Lenox area attending preschool- 8th Grade. New Lenox School District 122 includes a pre-K and special education center (Cherry Hill), a kindergarten center (Spencer Trail), four primary schools (Arnold J. Tyler, Haines, Nelson Prairie and Spencer Pointe), four intermediate schools (Caroline Bentley, Oster-Oakview, Nelson Ridge and Spencer Crossing) and two junior high schools (Liberty and Alex M. Martino).


Our Mission


The mission of New Lenox Schools, in partnership with the community, will be to promote academic excellence which focuses on the growth of the whole child.  We will stimulate children to develop pride in themselves, community, and country, which will be reflected in their present and future decisions.


Student Achievement


Over the last nine years, an average of 85% percent of New Lenox School District 122 students have consistently met or exceeded the Illinois Learning Standards. We attribute the successful scores to a rigorous curriculum that not only includes reading, writing, and mathematics but also art, music, and technology skills. Students are also encouraged to participate in a variety of after-school activities.




New Lenox School District 122 employs over 350 certified staff members and 200 support staff members, who are not only enthusiastic about their jobs, but are dedicated to helping children reach their full potential.




NLSD122 is a financially strong and stable school district. NLSD122 maintains a balanced budget, uses surplus funds to pay for capital improvements instead of issuing additional bonds, continues to pay off past building referendum bonds as efficiently as possible, has accumulated and maintains strong fund balance reserves, and maintains a very strong credit rating and state financial profile score. The financial future of the school district is closely monitored and detailed financial forecasts are publicly presented at least twice per school year.


Community Partnerships


The New Lenox Community has provided the children great schools and excellent teachers and staff. District 122 is fortunate to have a Parent Teacher Organization providing our schools the tools to make learning fun- such as laptops, ipads and recess equipment, etc. NLSD has a great relationship with the New Lenox Park District and local athletic associations to provide additional recreational opportunities for New Lenox Residents. By pooling their resources, the School District, Park District and Sports Associations have been able to expand the playground and playground equipment at each school and establish baseball fields, soccer fields and softball fields at many of the campuses.

Thank You

With the community’s continued support, New Lenox School District 122 will remain at the forefront of public school systems in the Chicagoland area.