Spencer Pointe





Happy October! - I will begin by saying how proud I am of all of our students and staff.  They have all jumped right into learning and everyone is working together to learn.  It is exciting to have the kids in the building and see the lessons and activities that they are doing each day.  We are halfway through our first trimester already!

I know that many people have Halloween on their minds with the arrival of Fall.  Please see the Halloween section later in this newsletter for details regarding our celebration.

A couple of quick reminders:

- Water bottles: Please send your child with a water bottle each day.  We DO NOT have extra water bottles on hand.  Our water fountains are closed and are only being used to refill water bottles brought from home.

- Lunch:  MANY people are ordering school lunch due to the fact that it is free this year.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of food going to waste since students have a school lunch and are also bringing a lunch from home.  At this point, all of the lunches are being repeated, so if your child did not like the lunch when they tried it the first time, please do not continue to order just because it is free.  Please sit down with your child and go through the menu to decide what they would like to order.

Have a wonderful start to October.  Enjoy this time to be outside getting that fresh air.  Winter may be here before we know it.