Voice Mail Number: 
Call the main office to reach staff voicemail.

Staff email is the first letter of their first name and last name

 Example: Mr. S. Hawk

Office Staff

Crossing Office.png

Mrs. M. Calleros, Principal mcalleros@nlsd122.org

Mrs. J. Pender, Assistant Principal jpender@nlsd122.org

Mrs. S. Evans, Secretary sevans@nlsd122.org

Mrs. J. Kirkeeng, Secretary jkirkeeng@nlsd122.org

Mrs. K. Bicek, Nurse kbicek@nlsd122.org

Ms. C. Gravitt, Custodian cgravitt@nlsd122.org

4th Grade Staff

Crossing 4th 22.png

Mrs. K. Adeszko kadeszko@nlsd122.org

Mrs. V. Baumgard vbaumgard@nlsd122.org

Mrs. L. Buell lbuell@nlsd122.org

Ms. B. Campbell bcampbell@nlsd122.org

Mrs. K. Kelley kkelley@nlsd122.org

Mrs. E. Oberts eoberts@nlsd122.org

Mrs. J. Pikalek jpikalek@nlsd122.org

Mrs. D. Thomson dthomson@nlsd122.org


5th Grade Staff

Crossing 5th 22.png

Mrs. M. Englemann mengelmann@nlsd122.org

Ms. A. Galvan agalvan@nlsd122.org

Ms. K. Hanscom khanscom@nlsd122.org

Mrs. C. Knott cknott@nlsd122.org

Mrs. B. Long blong@nlsd122.org

Mrs. B. Mihalovich bmihalovich@nlsd122.org

Mrs. K. Okner  kokner@nlsd122.org

6th Grade Staff


Crossing 6th.jpeg


Mrs. K. Brown kbrown@nlsd122.org

Mrs. A. Errek aerrek@nlsd122.org

Ms. C. McEttrick cmcettrick@nlsd122.org

Mr. M. Rakoczy mrakoczy@nlsd122.org

Mrs. K. Sommer ksommer@nlsd122.org

Mrs. L. VanderSchaaf lvanderschaaf@nlsd122.org

Fine Arts Staff

Crossing FA.jpeg


Mrs. C. Neff, Music cneff@nlsd122.org

Mr. F. Manzi, PE fmanzi@nlsd122.org

Mrs. C. Nolan, Art cnolan@nlsd122.org

Mr. K. Rinke, Band krinke@nlsd122.org

Mr. C. Torbett, Orchestra ctorbett@nlsd122.org

Ms. A. Vanderwall, Library avanderwall@nlsd122.org



Crossing Specialist 22.png

Mrs. R. Doyle, PTA rdoyle@nlsd122.org

Ms. N. Giblin, Social Worker ngiblin@nlsd122.org

Mrs. A. Lyen, Psychologist alyen@nlsd122.org

Mrs. L. O'Donnell, Speech lodonnell@nlsd122.org

Mrs. P. Nooner, Speech pnooner@nlsd122.org

Mrs. J. Palucki, OT jpalucki@nlsd122.org

Mrs. T. Riley, PT triley@nlsd122.org

Mrs. N. Popovich, Resource, Website npopvich@nlsd122.org

Mrs. S. Fear, Resource sfear@nlsd122.org

Mrs. A. Tiggelaar, Resource atiggelaar@nlsd122.org

Mrs. M. MacDougall, Resource mmacdougall@nlsd122.org

Mrs. B. Peplowski, Esser bpeplowski@nlsd122.org

Mrs. K. Gregor, Aide

Mrs. R. Faber, Aide

Mrs. J. Kurek, Aide

Lunch/Recess Staff

Mrs. L Balcerzak, Recess

Mrs. M. Costello, Recess

Mrs. L. Francisco, Recess

Mrs. L. Getzloff, Recess

Mrs. K. Hert, Recess

Mrs. L. Pentek, Recess

Mrs. M. Perez, Recess

Mrs. Vernati-Gorczyski