New Lenox District 122

About the Board

Role of a School Board Member:

School board members are elected to represent the citizens of a school district. School board members are responsible for the following:

  • The Employment and Evaluation of a Superintendent
  • Establishing Policies and Procedures
  • Monitoring the Progress of the District
  • Adopting an Annual Budget for the District
  • Employing School Personnel Upon the Recommendation of the Superintendent

Any adult resident is eligible to run for election to the board providing he or she meets certain legal qualifications. School board members serve without pay.

Click below to view the Board Member Oath of Office:
Board Member Oath of Office

Click below for a booklet explaining the basics of School Board Governance:
Board Governance Booklet

Click below to view a document explaining the powers and duties of the school board:
Board Policy Powers and Duties


When to contact your School Board:

Excerpts from the Illinois Association of School Boards: 

"Some people wish to contact the School Board with their questions, suggestions and concerns. Sometimes this works, particularly if a district-wide policy is involved. More often than not, the matter must be directed to the Superintendent, or another staff member for handling. Remember that an individual board member has no authority other than voting on official actions at meetings." 

"The best point of contact when you have a concern is with the person(s) directly involved. That would be a teacher where a student-related problem is involved, for example, or the principal where a school regulation or practice is of concern to you. When a situation cannot be resolved at the lowest possible level, then it should be taken to the next level in the “chain of command”."

If you have a question, comment or concern related to district policy, or if you have already followed the “chain of command”, you can contact the school board at